Stuffed Dog Animals

Stuffed Dog Animals

Resolved Question: Do your dogs have stuffed animals? (Answers: 15) (Comments: 0)
Apr 1, 2014 - LOL I have a Boxer and my husband is screaming and crying that this is too "sissy and fem" for my dog. Well I just got out of the hospital and brought home a stuffed dog with me and dang dog LOVES this thing and he WANTS IT. So I want to get him one of his own. He has all his bones and Kongs and all his tough lil toys. Well I want to get him his own little stuffed animal. He's been looking at mine every 10 minutes and trying to take it off the bed. I know he'd rip it open in 5...
Dogs Plush Stuffed Animals Toys Review
Apr 1, 2014 - Plush stuffed dogs introduce kids to the responsibilities of keeping a real pet. Children can be instructed to care for the plush animal, to take it outside for a walk, to feed it and bring it to the vet – all as a matter of practice and test...

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